Bespoke, one-to-one exam support that gives you the practical insight and technical expertise to stand out professionally.

Whether you are sitting insolvency exams for the first time or are taking resits, our professional training and one-to-one coaching will help you approach each paper fully prepared and confident that you will succeed at these challenging exams.

Professional, responsible training to help you succeed

Exam success does not come by chance, which is why our training courses always focus on three key elements of success.

  • One-on-one training and coaching: Delivered in person and designed around your own personal needs, so that you know you have directed your learning on the areas most likely to improve your performance.
  • Exam technique: Learn the best exam technique from a professional trainer. One who knows the JIEB examination board – and what they want to see from candidates.
  • Practical and technical excellence: Our training is designed to do more than help you pass exams. We want you to excel in your profession. A trainer who has helped over 90% of JIEB prize winners for over a decade, will help you gain the technical understanding to stand out professionally.

Avoid the most common cause of exam failure through practical case studies

Examiners say that candidates are unsuccessful in the JIEB exams because they approach it like a legal test of knowledge. The JIE is not a law exam, it’s a practical exam, so you need to do more than memorise the law – you need to think on your feet like an insolvency practitioner, applying the law to real life, practical situations.

The practical application of the the law forms the core of our training programme. However, it can only be delivered effectively through one-to-one training. Even if you do insolvency work in practice, you are unlikely to cover every aspect of the syllabus, so we teach you the law, and how to apply it, for every part of the syllabus. We will teach you to think like an Insolvency Practitioner, not like an exam candidate, albeit an Insolvency Practitioner with excellent exam skills.


Guinevere Ellis
Senior Manager and Head of Insolvency Training

M: +44 (0)7392 085 983